Project Public Deliverables
Dissemination and Communication Package
Data Management Plan
Scientific Publications
Strain-based Damage Assessment of Stiffened Composite Panels for Structural Health Monitoring Purposes
Dimitrios P. Milanoski & Theodoros H. Loutas (University of Patras)
Presented at IX ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Smart Structures and Materials, SMART 2019
Improving Efficiency and Robustness of Structural Health Monitoring Techniques Based on Lamb Wave Detection
J. Rebufa (CEDRAT), G. Jaussaud (CEDRAT), F. Claeyssen (CEDRAT), M. Fournier (CEDRAT), M. Logeais (CEDRAT), N. Bencheikh (CEDRAT),M. Rébillat (ENSAM) & M. Guskov  (ENSAM)
Presented at IX ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Smart Structures and Materials, SMART 2019
Principal Least Squares Canonical Correlation Analysis for Damage Quantification in Aeronautic Composite Structures
Marc Rebillat & Nazih Mechbal (ENSAM)
To be presented in IWSHM 2019 – Stanford, CA, USA

Message from the H2020 ReMAP

- Coordinator Bruno F. Santos

The ReMAP-team would like to express its deepest involvement with the ‘aviationfamily’ in this challenging times caused by the coronacrisis. The necessary restrictions that have been taken by governments to control this virusoutbreak will let the aviationsector suffer considerably. We wish you all the best luck and health, to you and your family.

As an European project with 13 European partners, ReMAP-teammembers already used to work mainly through webmeetings. So cooperation continues and we are keeping our research efforts as good as possible. ReMAP-teammembers work remotely and remain reachable through the common channels. Of course this situation results in some limitations, also for ReMAP, for instance lab tests are postponed and some people are just working part-time in the coming weeks. But safety is our first concern.

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