Presentation of the ReMAP Results

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This webinar will be entirely streamed via Zoom. You can access the event through this link.

In a pioneering European research effort, a team of researchers of multiple universities and industries succeeded in proposing a paradigm shift towards digital aircraft maintenance. During a 6 months test period using KLM’s operational data in real-time, it was shown that machine learning models can be used to perform health predictions of aircraft systems and structures and plan the maintenance process accordingly.

We are very proud that after four years of hard work, ReMAP comes to a conclusion with some great results. You are cordially invited to join us at the ‘ReMAP Day’ to learn about our solutions we present on the 23rd of May 2022 at the TU Delft. But we need you to further pave the way of CBM in aviation. That’s why we set up this day as a workshop. This workshop is public and free for all interested stakeholders in aircraft maintenance.

Program ‘ReMAP Day’ 23rd of May 2022
This will be a full day event presenting and discussing the final results of the ReMAP project. We count on having the demonstration of some of the technologies that we developed during the project and we will discuss the definition of a White Paper towards the future implementation of CBM in aviation.

9h30 – 12h30 (CET)
Overview ReMAP project results from ReMAP’s Technical WorkPackages:
– ReMAP IT Platform
– ReMAP Structural Health Management Tool (SHM)
– ReMAP Systems Prognostic Health Management Tool (PHM)
– ReMAP Maintenance Decision Support Tool
– ReMAP Safety Assessment
– ReMAP Demonstration Exercise
13.30 – 17.00
Discussion panels on the future of CBM in aviation
17.00 – 18.00
ReMAP Drinks

Roadmap for the aviation industry
Later this year ReMAP will propose a roadmap to the European Commission for the future development of CBM solutions in practice, based on the results of this project and the discussions at this ReMAP Day. So, join our partners, technical committee, advisory board members and support group members in this discussion!

Registration ‘ReMAP Day’
This ‘ReMAP Day’ is free of access but registration is necessary at:

1st International Conference for CBM in Aerospace at TU Delft: 24th + 25th of May 2022
You can combine your visit to Delft with the ‘1st International Conference for CBM in Aerospace’ at TU Delft, organised by TU Delft and ReMAP partners the two consecutive days after the ‘ReMAP Day’. This conference is the first one entirely dedicated to the topic of Condition-based Maintenance (CBM) in the aerospace domain. Check all details at:

We are looking forward to welcome you!
On behalf of all ReMAP partners,

Bruno Santos, ReMAP Project Coordinator
TU Delft

Paulo Rupino Cunha

Paulo Rupino Cunha

Assistant Professor of Information Systems with Habilitation and former head of the IS Group at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Coimbra, Portugal. Director of Informatics and Systems Lab of Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN), a non-profit association for Innovation and Technology Transfer.

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