Groundbreaking Analysis on Fleet Earning Potential with CBM

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In the context of ReMAP’s project, we are analysing the areas in aircraft maintenance where condition-based maintenance (CBM) improves Fleet Earning Potential. 

Fleet earning potential (FEP), i.e., the amount of earning that a fleet is capable of generating, depends on three elements:

Mission capacity
Number of flights an airline is capable of scheduling given the aircraft planned ground time (impacted by fuelling, passenger onboarding, maintenance…)

Operational unreliability
Airline’s ability to operate those flights (impacted by weather, air-traffic control, technical state of the aircraft…)

Cost of operations (fuel, personnel costs, maintenance…)

Number of maintenance tasks that need to be performed 
Fewer preventive tasks are needed due to continuous real-time condition monitoring
Possibility to perform maintenance tasks in parallel
Shorter ground-slots can be realised because in-flight condition-monitoring eliminates need for troubleshooting on ground
Possibility to execute maintenance tasks in non-commercial time
Anticipation of faults enable scheduling maintenance in a more convenient maintenance slot

This analysis is part of an ongoing work dedicated to the integration, validation and demonstration of ReMAP’s technologies. 

During the next months, we will share with our stakeholders our findings and strategies towards the implementation of CBM. Don’t miss our videos, whitepapers and join us in our webinar on the 4th of November at the Aircraft IT platform! More information coming soon!

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Paulo Rupino Cunha

Paulo Rupino Cunha

Assistant Professor of Information Systems with Habilitation and former head of the IS Group at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Coimbra, Portugal. Director of Informatics and Systems Lab of Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN), a non-profit association for Innovation and Technology Transfer.

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