Invitation to the Stakeholders of ReMap Project
Workshop at AEC2020, 26th February 2020
The main objective of ReMAP project is to take CBM a step further in the aviation industry.
We believe that we can only fulfil this purpose with the contribution of a strong ecosystem where the main stakeholders contribute to the definition of a common European Roadmap.

In the context, we are organising a workshop where we would like to discuss the different perspectives regarding the future of CBM and present ReMAP's approach and preliminary results.

This workshop will be held in Bordeaux, France, on the 26th of February as a side event to the Aerospace Europe Conference (

We would like to invite our stakeholders to join us in this workshop and share different experiences and standpoints on this state-of-the-art area.

Confirm the participation in the workshop until 29th of November.


Workshop DETAILS

Workshop Date

26 February 2020

Until Confirm Participation

29 November 2019


Bordeaux, France

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